The Traditional Scottish Wedding Dress

A wedding is a momentous occasion that celebrates love, unity, and heritage. When it comes to Scottish weddings, the traditional wedding dress plays a significant role in embodying our rich cultural history. Steeped in tradition and folklore, the Scottish wedding dress has captivated brides-to-be for generations with its distinct features and symbolic significance. Here we’ll […]

Barcaldine Castle in Scottish Highlands

Why American Travellers Love Our Scottish Castle

The largest portion of overseas visitors to Scotland are tourists from the United States, making up 18.2% of visitors, according to VisitScotland. From our stunning mountain views to our rich history, it’s easy to see why so many Americans enjoy a Scottish vacation in a beautiful castle. Here are a few reasons why: Why You […]

barcaldine castle Full Scottish breakfast

The Traditional Scottish Breakfast

The traditional full Scottish breakfast is not so different from the more well-known full English breakfast. It includes such familiar ingredients as bacon, sausage, eggs, tomato, mushrooms and black pudding, but there are certain differences and additions to our breakfast that make it even better! So, what Scottish things do we include in our traditional […]

Men in traditional Scottish wedding kilt attire

Scottish Wedding Kilt Etiquette

So, you’re planning a wedding in Scotland (or attending one), and you plan to wear a kilt? Good choice! The wedding kilt is a staple of Scottish wedding tradition and a great way of showing your proud Scottish heritage. But there are some things to know about wearing a kilt to a wedding, and what […]

Barcaldine Castle Hotel B&B

4 Intriguing Reasons to Visit Barcaldine Castle

1. Ancient, but Still Open Castles, by their very nature, tend to hold mysteries. As one of the few ancient castles on the mainland that remains open on a B&B basis, our very own Barcaldine Castle is bound to have some shadowy secrets of its own. With a friendly and memorable accommodation service, it would […]

clock nearing midnight

Hogmanay Traditions to Celebrate the New Year

It’s that time of year again! After another long year, it’s nearly time to celebrate Hogmanay. Out with the old and in with the new. We hope you’re ready for it – but in case you’re not, here are some Hogmanay traditions to get you in the spirit! But first, what does Hogmanay mean? What […]

10 Things to Do in Argyll

It’s all very well coming to stay in one of our elegant and traditional castle rooms, but rooms are just for sleeping in. That’s why we’re sharing our favourite local places to visit and things to do in Oban and Argyll to give you even more reason to book a stay in the breathtaking, picturesque […]

Scottish wedding at Barcaldine castle

Scottish Wedding Traditions

Do you dream of having a traditional Scottish wedding? There’s a lot to Scottish culture when it comes to getting married, and there are plenty of Scottish wedding traditions to consider … Our Favourite Scottish Wedding Traditions Before the Ceremony The bride traditionally gives the groom his wedding shirt as a gift, known as the […]

Dunstaffnage Castle: Historic Places to See in Oban

4 Historic Places to See in Oban

When you come to stay in Scotland, you come for our historic sites and breath-taking scenery. Although our view of Loch Creran and the Glen Coe mountains is reason enough to come and stay, we know a few more things you should see when you come to Oban. McCaig’s Tower Image credit: Or, as […]

Party Themes: A Night at Barcaldine Castle

Party Themes: 5 Events Worthy of a Castle

Got any special occasions coming up? Any cool party themes in mind? If not, why not?! Nothing adds to the fun of a party like a gripping theme and an interesting venue. We’d love to hire out our castle for an evening and give you full and exclusive use of this historic building. But what […]

Barcaldine Castle

5 Reasons to Rent a Castle

Who doesn’t love a castle? We’ve all heard of Camelot, Castle Dracula, Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Hogwarts, and other impressive buildings of fiction. It’s always nice to visit a real castle to recreate the mystical feeling that we often associate with our favourite stories. Plus, they can teach us something about our country’s history. There are […]

eating out in Oban

10 Tasty Places to Eat in Oban

After a lovely breakfast at Barcaldine Castle, wandering and seeing the sights nearby can work up quite an appetite. When it isn’t time for afternoon tea at the castle, a nice meal out should do the trick … and if your adventures take you to the charming town of Oban, you’ll be spoilt for choice. […]

Scottish wedding at Barcaldine castle

Do You Want the Perfect Scottish Castle Wedding?

Naturally, you want to feel like royalty on your wedding day. Everyone dreams of a fairy-tale setting, and what could make it more magical than having the perfect Scottish castle wedding? From the breath-taking scenery of the West Coast of Scotland to the elegant rooms we have to offer, Barcaldine Castle makes the perfect venue […]

oban Island hopping

Why is Oban Island Hopping Such an Adventure?

While many seasoned travellers and new experience seekers enjoy island hopping in exotic locations like Thailand or Mexico, our very own Oban boasts its island gems which are just as unique and picturesque. With a multitude of regular boat tours departing from Oban every day, our guests often love the adventure that Oban island hopping […]

Indulge in Afternoon Tea

Why You Should Indulge In Afternoon Tea

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” – Henry James (1843-1916) said in his book “The Portrait of a Lady”, published in 1881 and we couldn’t agree more! Quintessentially English, the tradition of enjoying dainty sandwiches, delectable scones and piping hot tea from […]