Scottish Wedding Kilt Etiquette

So, you’re planning a wedding in Scotland (or attending one), and you plan to wear a kilt? Good choice! The wedding kilt is a staple of Scottish wedding tradition and a great way of showing your proud Scottish heritage. But there are some things to know about wearing a kilt to a wedding, and what to wear with it.

Not to worry, though! Here’s what you need to know about your wedding kilt attire before the big day!

What to wear with your wedding kilt


For a more formal wedding, we recommend the traditional evening attire with a Prince Charlie jacket. This highland dinner jacket comes with short tails at the back and three buttons down either side.

Along with this jacket, and your kilt, it is best to wear a three-button waistcoat, a plain shirt (normally white), and a plain bowtie (either black or matching the colour of the jacket).

Finally, to complete the formal wedding look, the Prince Charlie jacket requires a full dress sporran, the pocket that hangs outside of the kilt.


For a semi-formal daytime wedding, you may instead opt for an Argyll jacket instead of a Prince Charlie. This would fit better with a five-button waistcoat and a wedding tie in silver-grey or matching your tartan.

To complete the semi-formal wedding look, a semi-dress sporran will do, which comes with a fur covering on the front.
Men in Scottish semi-formal wedding kilt attire

Either way

Whether formal or semi-formal, you should also try to make sure the colour of your hose (socks) compliments the rest of the outfit. And remember – avoid white! Your hose should be cream, coloured or black. Whatever the colour, we recommend wearing these with traditional black ghillie brogues.


You should also consider a few extra accessories to finish off your wedding look:

There you are – time to go shopping! Whatever you decide to wear, whether it’s for your wedding or someone else’s, we hope you feel comfortable and enjoy the day!

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