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An 18th Century Whisky Tour Scotland

Are you a whisky fan? Interested in local history? Then the opportunity to take a peek behind the scenes of Oban’s very own working distillery, from the close sea location to the complex whisky making process is one not to miss!

Founded in 1794, the distillery is situated in the heart of the town. In fact, there wouldn’t even have been an Oban town if it weren’t for a pair of entrepreneurial brothers, Hugh and John Stevenson! But it was the improvements that J. Walter Higgin contributed to the distilling process which propelled Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky in a different league, making it world-renowned.

Oban’s classic Distillery, steeped in history, offers two main tours, catering to different audiences.

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Secret Stills Tour

Bespoke & Enriched Experience

You cannot separate the ‘Water of Life‘ from Scotland. Whisky is an indigenous part of this country and attracts thousands of visitors each year. But if crowded mainstream distilleries have put you off a visit so far and if you would rather enjoy something that is tailored to your tastes, then you should talk to us. SecretStills has an entirely different approach to the magic of Uisge Beatha. Whilst visiting the west coast of our beautiful country, take a day or two and join on an unforgettable Single Malt Whisky itinerary designed exclusively for you. All our itineraries last one day but can be combined to make two or three days, and can be as planned or bespoke as you would like it to be within the scope we offer.

Our choice of distilleries is based on location, ethics, concept and rarity of their Single Malts or Single Malts to be. Our aim is to stay away as much as possible from the touristic mainstream, always focussing on delivering an outstanding and unforgettable Single Malt experience to you in the seclusion of a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Not only have we carefully handpicked the distilleries we would like to introduce you to, but we have also partnered with several local companies to make your tour unforgettable. Whether it be a tasting experience by a log fire in the Grand Hall of a 17th Century Castle, an evening of fine dining with a whisky paired menu to round off the day or, a seafood feast afloat in Oban Bay, we will strive to make your tour memorable, as well as educational.

Tailored Whisky Tour Scotland

Suitable for: Everyone
Duration: 1 day, 2 days & 3 days
Price: Upon request
Worth it because: Every itinerary is different. They do their best to incorporate your wishes and ideas to make your Secret Stills Tour unique and memorable. Elke and Fergus are the two Single Malt Enthusiasts at Secret Stills that take a very different approach to exploring unique Scottish Single Malts from the West Coast of Scotland. They do speak (and understand) all kinds of English as well as all sorts of German and we will do their utmost to speak French!
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